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4 Your Music at individual order

Your Audiphile PC can be elegant like the B&O sound system from Denmark and drive as safely as the ReVox tape recorder from Switzerland

It can be comprehensively, as in the American Marantz constructions or only what is necessary, as in the British-Norwegian NAD traditions. 

Audiophile Music Server

Relax without rituals with modern Hi-Fi recorder! 

 for owners of both - attractive vinyl records and CDs
as well as good Hi-Fi equipmen
Enjoy the new Windows surround sound or classic quadraphonic

for both artictic visions and galleries or attractive bars

PC systems suited for use in harsh environmentsto reliably deliver “undiluted” music

Bar PA Sound PC

for professionals and pleasant music for their guests


Disc Jockey PA Music Server PC

for a new generation of DJs
These offers are part of the  BienSoundPC project, which was established in the musical city of Sopot, on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea. Proper selection and quality of components allows us to use technologies developed in Scandinavia for professional audio-video equipment. The inspiration for creating these offers was born in Sopot and Stockholm when various kinds of demos for musicians were processed and it turned out that an "analog" PC is essential for crystal clear digital recording.

The public premiere of the BienSoundPC took place in the Sopot Let's Art Cafe, which is housed in the building of the National Gallery of Art

At the event in AmberExpo presented the artistic design Sound PC and invited to cooperate in the creation of new visions. 

At the fair in Gdansk we presented Sound Blaster Reference @ Gigabyte G1 Sniper 5, plead in a transparent case.

Now we recommend playing the radio from the Internet, but before that we confiured HTPC for analog FM broadcast and DAB+.

 Pictured above is BienSoundPC 1 st Reference 4 FM radio in a wooden case

and a solution offered by Gigabyte with remote control and FM tuner built-in DVD player GO-M1600B

With a DAB+ tuner on USB in BienSoundPC conected to the PA system (activ sub & 2 satelits) from Box Elektronics

in the summer of 2017 in the garden of the Sierakowski Manor in Sopot we played World Music that was presented on a radio broadcast (192 kbps aac 44,1 kHz)


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