PC4uMusic was once even for FM radio

Now we recommend music lovers to play the radio from streams shared on the Internet, but previously we also configured PC4uMusic for analog FM broadcasting and DAB+

1 st Reference 4 FM radio

was a Home Theater PC and inspired by the Swedish design of the Sonab amplifier P4000 and FM receiver R4000

which were ordered from the legendary British company Cambridge Audio

 We only expanded the Audiophile Music Serwer PC

 with a solution with remote control and FM tuner built-in DVD player



A perfect combination of a standard Digital Video Disc drive and an audio signal processor, the GO-M1600B enhances a personal computer system into one independent unit and transforms its disc drive into an exciting audio/ MP3 player / FM Radio even without booting up the PC system. In addition, the GO-M1600B with a slim-design (standard 5.25 inch), users are able to upgrade the device without hassle. Enjoy audio with high quality sound effects through SRS WOW without any software, and couple it with a card-sized remote control, a car style elegant and sharp VFD front panel and you have a dreamy experience when playing CDs, MP3s or listening to FM radio for ultimate relaxation and harmony in your life. Press ( Hardware Zone, Asia )

Another PC4uMusic solution was with a PCI card for FM radio and TV with Nicam Digital Sound

Near Instantaneous Companded Audio Multiplex (NICAM) is an early form of lossy compression for digital audio. It was originally developed in the early 1970s for point-to-point links within broadcasting networks.[1] In the 1980s, broadcasters began to use NICAM compression for transmissions of stereo TV sound to the public. 

Digital filters for radio frequencies in TV and FM broadcasts provide better sound quality for playback with good hi-fi equipment. Pictured above is this BienSoundPC in a wooden case and Sound Blaster card with DAC for native sampling 32 bit/192 kHz with software for WinFast 2000 XP.
 Solution with FM radio even for laptops
The Pinnacle PCTV Hybrid Stick Ultimate 330e tuner for connection via USB has a driver that makes it treated by the operating system as a sound card with the possibility of optimal setting for music playback
With a DAB+ tuner on USB in PC4uMusic conected to the PA system (activ sub & 2 satelits) from Box Elektronics
in the summer of 2017 in the garden of the Sierakowski Manor in Sopot we played World Music that was presented on a radio broadcast (192 kbps aac 44,1 kHz)
Currently, the tests mainly concern Swedish Radio broadcasts available on the Internet with Advanced Audio Coding 192 kbps and 48 kHz/16 bit sampling.
Many quick tests are accompanied by music broadcast on Swedish P4 Plus, which is available in a format called BBC Sound HD. This program presents nostalgic popular music. These songs are played in all sorts of places, but it turns out that they sound different.
Recordings from the European Broadcasting Union, which Swedish Radio P2 broadcasts at night in Sound HD quality, were also tested. There is a text on this topic titled BBC Sound HD free from Swedish Radio 2
Now available with Free Lossless Audio. There is a text on this topic titled 48 kHz FLAC by Swedish Radio & EBU recordings