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64 bit programs are better for Broadcasted Music PC Receiver

The software is very important for optimally configured PC to play music from streams and with good Hi-FI equipment Therefore, listening tests of the software are needed and for 64 bit they started with the free AIMP music player. The relevant beta was released on April 12, 2022, and its author wrote on the blog: Today we have started public beta-testing of AIMP for Windows v5.03. As we have announced, this release brought native Windows 64-bit support. Since now, player will releases in two editions: 32-bit and 64-bit. Currently, we have been testing stable 64-bit versions with Reference BienSoundPC for a long time and the music is played even more faithfully We tested with the Realtek Semiconductor Corp driver. 9205.1 released on 7/13/2021. In it, we manually configured the distance between the speakers used in the tests, and the DAC work at 16bit / 192kHz. AIMP worked with WASAPI and 32/192 oversampling Tests with the motherboard, which has a separate audio section, a

BBC Sound HD free from Swedish Radio 2

Swedish Radio 2 is available on the Internet with Sound HD BBC broadcasts with Sound HD are only available to a select few ! The software on Audiophile PC allows you to play Sound HD broadcast music with 32 bit / 192kHz oversampling , just like good quality hi-fi equipment. The transmission stream can also be saved in the original on the hard disk.    The stream can be automatically recorded in the original using the free AIMP program Broadcasts or later copies thereof can be played at home with anaglog Hi-Fi equipment. What is HD Sound? The phrase HD Sound is used to describe audio where we have taken specific steps in the distribution and transmission chains to maintain the quality and fidelity of the original source material. (If you have sufficient bandwidth available, your sound on Radio 3 should automatically default to HD). For online content this generally means three things: The amount of bandwidth reduction has been kept to a minimum by using a high bitrate i

British proposals for new 4 ch surround in Windows

2 new products that go well together ! The Tannoy Gold 5 is interesting for music playback with 4 speakers in the latest Microsoft configuration.   This configuration is available on a PC with analog output for multi-channel audio. The new solutions of the British T annoy in this Microsoft configuration have also worked well for the playback of digital recordings from quadraphonic vinyl records in the SQ and QS systems 200 Watt Bi-Amplified Nearfield Studio Reference Monitor with Proprietary 5" Dual Concentric Point Source Technology It measures 294 x 183 x 252 mm, which is the height of an A4 sheet, and becomes almost invisible in the living room.  The total power of 4 x 200 W allows you to play music even in a very large room without amplifiers distortion. It has a stereo mini jack that has the function of "transmitting the signal" to the next speaker, which makes installation from a PC very easy.  There is also an eco-friendly auto "sleep" fea